Jared Henderson – Part 1

A Conversation with Desperation Band Drummer Jared Henderson

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A few months ago I received a very encouraging email from Jared Henderson. Jared Who?? Jared is the drummer for Desperation Band and is on staff at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO.

In his email, Jared said that he would be willing to help us out in any way possible, so I took him at his word and threw some ideas at him. The result is a new blog series in the form of an awesome 25-minute Skype chat/interview and a giveaway. We’ve split the interview into 3 parts which will become three blog posts, with a fourth post for a blog giveaway that we’ll run in April for Desperation Band’s (April 10th) release of their newest album, Center Of It All.


Here’s a worship video featuring Jared and the Desperation Band.

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