GIVEAWAY: 2 Sabian AAX X-PLOSION Cymbals to One Lucky Winner

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What a month it’s been! We’ve had some awesome giveaways to date from our friends at Evans and Pro-Mark. We also gave away a Cobus Method DVD Box Set and today we launch our last giveaway of the month.

I am so excited to announce that our new friends at Sabian are hooking us up with an awesome and final giveaway.

First off, I am a hardcore supporter of Sabian cymbals and I truly will not buy or voluntarily play any other cymbal (that’s why I’m selling a 16″ A Zildjian Medium Thin Crash that I won at a drum clinic – personally signed by Teddy Campbell).

I’ve been playing Sabian cymbals for the last 12 years, and  have still not managed to crack a cymbal. I cannot say enough good things about it so the only way to show you is to give away some awesome cymbals.

The Cymbals

We will be giving away a 16″ AAX X-PLOSION Crash, and a 11″ AAX X-PLOSION splash (total retail value of $531) to one lucky winner. These two cymbals are a part of Sabian’s AAX Performance Pack for Gospel, and Praise and Worship Music and are a great option for churches.

The Giveaway

Eligibility: This giveaway is open to anyone (preferably drummers), anywhere!

Complete every step for the most possible entries. Winners will be announced here on Monday, Jan. 9, 2012.


Congrats to Paul Owen who is the winner of our final giveaway. I’ve sent an email with instructions. Finally, thank you to all who participated and made this an exciting way to end 2011. Here’s to an even greater 2012!

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  1. Philip

    I currently play:
    Sabian AAX X-plosion 18″ and 17″ crashes
    Sabian AAX 18″ stage crash
    Sabian AXX 21″ stage ride

    And the black sheep: Zildjian 14″ new beats

  2. blake

    Zildjian 20in K Custom Hybrid Ride
    Zildjain 14in A Armand Hi Hats
    Zildjian 18in A Medium Crash

    Dry, without killing all of the sustain.

    Plus, the K Custom Hybrid is sounds amazing when crashed.

  3. Mike Heinen

    I play a mix of cheap Paiste and some older Zildians.. I am not reallt a big fan of the sound thats why I would love some new Sabians!!!!

  4. David Smith

    I play Zildjian ZBT’s(crash, ride, hi-hats), Agazarian Splash, and a Stagg YR Crash. The Stagg crash’s sound is terrible IMO, but the Zildjian’s have a really nice sound to them. Believe it or not, the Agazarian Splash sounds really good. But the main reason I play these is because of the fact I can’t afford anything else;)

  5. Serge

    I play Zildjian 13.25 hybrid hats, Sabian XS20 crashes and splash from a promo set, some trashy china with long ago gone markings and a fantastic Istabnul ride that looks like crap, but sounds godly. Quite a crazy mix brand-wize.

  6. Jerry Tan

    I currently using my Zildjian ZXT rock Cymbal set. Is not I like them, but friends around recommend Zildjian is the best cymbal ever made and my parent got me (and this is the highest budget they allow me to spend for my cymbal pack…).
    I still like them because somehow, my cymbals give me more confidence when I using them rather than others (no worry, I’ve tried Sabian and I love HHX series. Those I tried were beginner grade Meinl & Paiste).

  7. David Dockery

    I’m currently using:

    Sabian Pro Sonix 14″ Hats
    Sabian Pro Sonix 20″ Ride
    Sabian El Sabor 16″ Crash
    Sabian HHX 16″ Crash

    My favourite is definitely the El Sabor, it has this lovely warm ‘washy’ sound to it, really versatile. The Pro sonix ride is surprisingly nice too, although the hats are a little dull.

  8. Gary Goodman

    I currently play:

    Sabian AA 10″ splash
    Zildjian 14″ hi-hat
    Zildjian 16″ crash
    Zildjian 20″ ride

    The only one I really like is the Sabian splash. I bought it used and it’s of good quality and sounds great. The other Zildjian’s were all part of a special discounted package set and are not their best, but were all I could afford at the time, and they get the job done.

  9. Robert

    I currently play Sabian AXX cymbals. Crashes, splashes, hi-hats, and ride. I like them because of their brightness and ability to cut through the mix.

  10. sandy

    AAX 20″ ride
    AAX 16″ Crash
    AAX 14″ Crash
    AAX 12″ high-hats
    AAX 8″ splash
    Just added a Dream 16″ China because at a jam someone walked out with my 16″AAX xplosion, not impressed! So I need to win this to replace my loss!

  11. James Tangman

    I hate saying it, but I have a thick, no-name (really…blank) crash, but I have Zildjian ZBT hihats and a crash/ride. I like them, but end up spending any extra money on guitar gear or to build up my home studio. I need to show my kit some love and these would be the perfect way to do that. They would also make the drum tracks that much better, I’m sure!

  12. Ryan

    14″ Sabian B8 HH, 18″ Sabian B8 Crash/Ride, 20″ Sabian B8 Ride, 18 Sabian AA China, 10″ Agazarian Splash, 12″ Agazarian China, and 18″ Agazarian China

  13. Ryan Zarb

    I play the cymbals at church they are old beat up Sabians I don’t know the model number I am sure in the day they were great but they are not so great anymore!!!!

  14. Stacey Kershaw

    Well, at the moment zildjian zbt HH and ride, Paiste PST 5 16″ Crash and Paiste 101 12″ Splash…
    Reason… because i’m a 17 year old student so they were affordable.. 😉 But i love my Paiste crash, its so washy, perfect for worship.
    Happy New Year Sir!

  15. Jeremy Kennedy

    I use Zildjian A’s and a Dyno Beat high hats at church, because my church owns them and they sound pretty sweet. I use Meinl MCS cymbal pack at home because they work for practice and sound good compared to other cheap cymbals.

  16. Tracy R

    I know that my son has Zildjians, they are old and cracking, but they are really thick and have lasted decades from the previous owner and he just has to get by with them for now.

  17. The Rev

    zildjian ax china, and a vintage zildjian crash/ride, don’t know the model, polished off before I got it, sabian heavy hats. I like the tonality of the crash ride, just the right amount of ring to crash ratio.

  18. Daniel Suarez

    Ever since I started playing I have used Sabain B8s. 14″ hihats,16″ and 18″ thin crashes, a 20″ ride, and a 10″ splash. Im looking for an upgrade right now but my budget is very tight.

  19. jeff

    Currently playing: All Zildjians:

    10″ A-Custom Splash
    16″ Z-Custom Rock Crash
    13″ KZ Hats
    20″ A-Custom Swish
    20″ Custom K Dry Ride

    In need of a couple new crashes (hence the entry!)
    always bright clear tone.

    The Custom K Dry ride is the COOLEST ride cymbal ever. You just CAN’T load it up. Always nice clear sticking on every stroke. Won’t work for Van Halen-esque ride work, but hey, that’s what crash-rides are for!

    I like my 20″ Swish, but I LOVED my 18″ swish. Wish it wouldn’t have broken! The Rock crash is actually a little too much for what I’m doing now (worship music) but it was an awesome cymbal back in the bar-star days! Super loud and tons of attitude.

    13″ KZ hats are the only hi hats that should exist. Cut through the mix, nice and chippy, and always great response.

  20. Tracy R

    My son is playing on used Zildjians from the 1960s or 70s, they came with his used 1960s Pearl drum set that he plays on everyday…

  21. Sal

    I had a nice set w/11 cymbals all sabian B8s unfortunatly I had to sell ,Just got another set and these cymbals would be a gem…Hope i win and if I dont good luck to all and congrats to the winner………

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