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Since March 2011, I have been creating content for the Worship Drummer family with a mission to equip, encourage and inspire local church drummers, globally.

The launch of what was then

Starting as a simple blog when I was newly married, today Worship Drummer has grown in its offerings into a platform that spans around the globe. In the last 4 years we launched our instagram account which is almost at 60K, the Worship Drummer podcast with over 60K downloads, and our YouTube channel which will cross 40K subscribers in a few days.

Since its humble beginning, as the platform has grown, so has my family and my calling in full-time ministry. I am a husband (we are weeks away from celebrating our 10-year anniversary), we have three young children (ages 6 and under), and three years ago I was installed as lead pastor at a great church in Toronto.

What you see today is a result of many late nights spent grinding and hustling coming at the expense of my incredibly awesome and patient wife, our personal/family time, and finances (to allow me to pay for all the gear and increasing web hosting costs, etc). And most importantly, all of this is a result of our obedience to start something that God first put on my heart in November 2010.

In light of all of this, if Worship Drummer has been a blessing to you, I am simply asking you to consider giving something to show your love and support. Regardless, I am still committed to running Worship Drummer and creating valuable content for you, and will continue to pay it forward – no matter the cost.

My “cheesing out” stank-face!

Maybe you want to contribute $5. Or perhaps your heart is leading you to do more. To be honest, even $1 will help us in our mission to continue to equip, encourage, and inspire church drummers all over the world.

Below you can show your love and support for my labour of love.

Thanks in advance, and thank you for putting the #HeartBeforeBeat!
Jon Manna

Show Your Love and Support for WD


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