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Do you have a desire to pour back in to the community here?  We’d love to give you the opportunity!

Please read  all of the following  before emailing!

What We’re Looking For:

Here’s what we look for in contributions and guest posts:

  • Competence — You have to know what you’re talking about! You can’t fake your way into or out of this. Seriously.
  • Writing for the Web — You’re not writing a sermon, or final exam in Seminary. Don’t be too wordy or preachy. Use lists and headings to break up the text.
  • Drumming pics/videos & Drum Apps and Products — We’re not  necessarily looking for video clips of your garage band practice or your latest drum cover of a Hillsong United song.  Videos and pics must be for the benefit of the worship drumming community and not for self promotion. Drum apps and products should be reasonably popular among the music industry.
  • Make it Practical — Your contribution has to pertain to worship and drummers in some way. If we have doubts but you can convince us that it is, then we’re all good!
  • Call To Action — When all is said and done (and published), when applicable, your contribution/post should challenge us to put into practice what we’ve learned. If this is your passion, give it a shot!

Ready? Here are the Next Steps:

  • Send an email to  info [at] worshipdrummer [dot] ca with your post topic(s), video, pics, or idea(s).
  • We’ll review it and if we move forward, we will set you up so you have all that you need to draft and submit your post.

Look forward to hearing from you!