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Episode 030 – Jon Saldanha on Passion, Serving on Sundays, and being Instagram famous!

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We’re so excited to bring you this conversation with Jon Saldanha. Key Topics in This Episode Importance of community Instagram as a platform for community Putting your best foot forward on social. Jon’s [secret] apps and processes for drum content creation A Sunday in the life of Jon at Village Church Worship Central Conference (Canada) Keeping your heart fresh and …

Drum Tuning with Vincent Baynard - Elevation Worship

Drum Tuning With Vincent Baynard – Elevation Worship

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Our friends at Elevation Worship have been busy lately, and as drummers, this is good news for us! In this post Vincent Baynard shares the Elevation Worship method for drum tuning and getting that famous sound that we all love! I’ve spent enough time hanging with their drummers and sound engineers to know that drums are super important to achieving …

Episode 029 – Creating The Air Throne with Joe Volk, John Paul Gentile, and Bobby Strand

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In this episode we chat with the guys behind Air Throne – Joe Volk, John Paul Gentile, and Bobby Strand. Disclaimer: Worship Drummer is not paid in any way to do this interview. This interview is borne out of my own curiosity for what they have built. – Jon Manna Listen to Episode 029 Here is how you can learn …

Episode 028 – A look into Highlands Worship with Josiah Tickell and Luke Vogel

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I’m really excited to share this episode with you for two reasons: I really dig what Highlands Worship is up to, and Josiah and Luke give us an awesome look into what goes into their weekends and their latest live recording. We geek-out on the production side a little more than normal with their FOH engineer, Luke Vogel, joining in. …

Episode 024 – Jonathan Camey: Tragedy To Triumph And Drumming at Lakewood Church

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Episode 024 – Jonathan Camey In Episode 024 we chat with Jonathan Camey, who currently is on staff at Lakewood Church as their main drummer. He’s also got a twin brother in the band, Joel, and things get serious in this episode as we explore themes of tragedy and triumph. It’s a good one, so grab a cup of coffee …

Rolf Wam Fjell - Photo Credit - Jared Hampton Thomas

Episode 023 – Rolf Wam Fjell On Exploring Prophetic Dimensions of Worship Drumming and What It Means to Be A Breakthrough Drummer

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Episode 023 – Rolf Wam Fjell (Hillsong) Every wonder what prophetic drumming actually means? Or how “following the leading of the Spirit” applies to us as drummers? This episode with Rolf Wam Fjell is like a master class on the spiritual side of what it means to be a worship drummer. This episode is pure gold and I encourage you …

Episode 022 – Jen Ledger (Skillet) on How She Went From Playing in Front of 200 to 15,000, Advice for Young Drummers, and How it feels to Front Your Own Band.

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GET OUR FREE ONLINE TRAINING: Using the Roland SPD-SX in Worship Episode 022 – Jen Ledger In 2015 I sat backstage and had my first opportunity to watch Jen Ledger (Skillet) play! She played with instensity, precision, and power and I was never the same again! In episode 022, Jen unpacks her journey to becoming Skillet’s drummer at the age of …

Episode 021 – Garrett Tyler on Stepping Out Into the Unknown, Being a “Rookie” On The Outcry Tour, and Hybrid Setups

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Episode 021 – Garrett Tyler In this episode we catch up with Garrett Tyler who is living in Nashville and pursuing his passion to play drums. 2018 started off as a wide-open blank canvas for Garrett and we get into the details of how God is working all of those things out, one by one. Garrett was also a “rookie” on …