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My name is Jon and I am a worship drummer. In November 2010 I had this dream of starting a blog for worship drummers – a place where we could share, interact, and grow together. Since then, I’ve been busy reaching out to drummers and sharing the heart and vision for

Since March 9, 2011, has been a pioneer in the worship drumming community offering interviews, articles, event journals, gear reviews and giveaways.

Today, WorshipDrummer is known around the world and has a network that spans across North America, Europe/UK, Asia Pacific, and beyond! Even though we’ve grown and matured along the way, our heart has always and will always be for the local church. We have connections to bring you behind the scenes with some of the biggest churches but choose to approach all of it with you, the local church drummer, in mind.


Our vision is to be the #1 digital resource that equips, encourages, and inspires the local church drummer. To effectively do this means that we need to be around a long time, and that’s our heart. We’re in it for the long haul, so we’re less interested in the sprint (although sometimes it’s necessary) and more interested in joining you for the marathon.

Who/What is a Worship Drummer?

Simply stated, a worship drummer is someone who  puts the heart before the beat. Without this distinction, we would just be drummers. As worship drummers, we have a whole other responsibility which is of no bearing in secular music — the heart of a worshiper:

  • We play for an audience of One
  • We lift the name of Jesus above any/all names (yes, even our band’s name)
  • We wage war with the unseen world
  • We follow the leading of the Holy Spirit (and the worship leader, of course)

I know it’s sometimes a struggle to be humble and serve, while at the same time being in the spotlight and being applauded by hundreds and sometimes thousands of people.. Let’s come together and challenge one another to a higher standard of living and playing.

What can you expect to find on

I aim to post fresh content 1-2 times per week, keeping it constant but not overwhelming. You’ll always find relevant information pertaining to what we do as worship drummers. You’ll find anything from new drum apps and tips and tricks, to hot drumming videos and guest posts from other drummers (want to contribute?).

If I’m doing a review of a certain product, app, or service, I will always be sure to give my true and honest opinion. As my fellow worship drummers, you are my highest priority and I will never compromise that. My goal is to build a relationship of trust, and as such, I will never promote or endorse any products or services that I myself don’t use or believe in. If I’m writing about it, it’s more than likely that I’ve fallen in love with it. In other words: if I love it, you’ll know.

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