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The Disclosure Policy is kind of like reading the “fine print” only ours is cooler and simple.

First off, I’m grateful for our worship drummers and worship community, and even those who maybe just dropped in for the first time. will employ different strategies to make money with this blog to help cover the costs involved (Hosting, domain name, etc…). However,  content we provide to you will always be FREE of charge, all of the time.

In order to do so, here are a few methods that I will employ:

  • All content across this blog may be used to promote products, services, and affiliate businesses that are  relevant to my readers. I will not necessarily note the use of an affiliate link every time.
  • I am willing to review products, services or businesses, but I will always give  my honest opinion,  findings, beliefs, or experiences on those products, services or businesses.
  • Ads and banners will be placed in strategic places across this blog. These will always be of  high interest to my readers and will either be approved or denied based on that condition.

Now that you know how I will experiment with monetizing my blog, it’s vital for you to understand that I will never exploit my readers.  My goal is to build a relationship of trust, and as such, I will never promote or endorse any products or services that I myself don’t use or believe in. If I’m writing about it, it’s more than likely that I’ve fallen in love with it. In other words: if I love it, you’ll know.

I want to personally say thanks for your participation and for being a valuable member of our growing worship drummer community. If I make mistakes, I trust that you will hold me accountable, and that we can be mature enough to let the iron sharpen iron. Happy reading!