Worshipdrummer Mike Webber – Planetshakers

Mike Webber: An Interview with the Planetshakers Drummer – Part 1

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I recently caught up with Mike Webber, the phenomenal drummer for Planetshakers, and had the opportunity to ask him some questions about drums, drummers and worshipdrumming. The conversation was so animated that we ended up with 45 mins of video, chalk full of great advice for worshipdrummers.

We will be breaking up the interview into 3 shorter videos so you will have an easier time digesting them.

In many respects, Mike’s drumming has influenced my playing and has always encouraged me to play from a passionate place. I know you will enjoy these videos!

So without further ado, here’s video number one.

// Part 1: Origins and Influences

[If you want to hear Ps Russell say “Michael, give some devil some pain on that drums” click here and listen from 2:00]

What are your impressions? Have you heard of Mike before? Let’s chat it up in the comments below.

Stay tuned for part two!

Editor’s note: Audio and video quality are not the best as it was recorded through Skype. The audio was out of sync and we are trying to find a better solution for future interviews. Thanks for understanding. Most of all, I pray that the content is highly valuable to you.  

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  1. Michael Collins

    I’m a drummer of about 45 years. 2 years ago The Father granted me an opportunity to re-enter and become a member of a team here in Corpus Christi,Tx. Thru the team I have been exposed to Planetshakers. Immediately, I really recognized and liked, well okay, loved, the drumming on the tracks. It’s refreshing to hear drumming with more than a, well, “droning ride cymbal wash” on every piece of music. What is with that anyway? I am sounding critical, I know. It’s just that I have noticed it, as a drummer on almost all CCM and Praise and Worship tracks. Seems to be a trademark or signature. (I am of the school of “stick tip on ride”). And SOMETIMES use a crash as a ride in the “cymbalwash” fashion. To fill….

    Any comments-explanations will be appreciated as it is most curious to me.

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