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Have you ever wanted to sit and have coffee with one of your fav drummers? Well, we made that possible for all of you in episode 018! We sat with Simon “Kobes” Kobler armed with over 82 questions from the Worship Drummer Family as well as some of our own! We drank great coffee, had a great convo and I even got a hands-on with his impressive new line of products for drummers.

Listen to Episode 018


In this Episode

  • Simon’s Upbringing
  • Drumming Influences at Hillsong
  • Maturing as a drummer over the last 10 years with United
  • Drum sounds/Samples
  • On Married Life
  • Basal – Simon’s new line of products.
  • Why he chose Heartbeat Cymbals
  • Top Three Albums of 2017
    • Lorde: Melodrama
    • LCD Sound System: American Dream
    • Lana Del Ray
  • The Process of Creating Drum Parts and Why He Tabs His parts.

Heartbeat Cymbals

  • 24″ Jazz Ride
  • 17″ Raw crashes as hi-hats

Evans Drumheads

  • EQ3 batter clear on Kick
  • G2 Coated on toms

Basal – The Sophisticated + Modern Answer To Product Organization

We had a hand-on experience with many of Simon’s products and I was so impressed with the quality and attention to detail. The simplest way I can put it is that if you enjoy his playing, you’ll love his products! They are simple and basic but meet a huge need in organizing all of your drumming accessories. Here are some pics that I took, and then some “proper” ones.

Get 10% OFF (Valid for the month of January 2018)

To get 10% off your Basal order use this promo code: WDRUMMER10OFF or simply click here to have the promo code automagically applied to your cart.




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