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Andrew and I originally sat down back in late February and had a great conversation. I was excited to share it with you and then, you know… ‘RONA showed up!

So first off, I hope you are keeping well. Secondly, let’s get into this episode’s content…


Our friends over at Loop Community have graciously given us a promo code good for 10% off your first order from It will work for 1 month starting when this episode airs.


Key Topics in This Episode

  • 5:40 – Andrew’s drumming journey
  • 20:10 – Tour: Why am I here?
  • 25:00 – Berklee College
  • 36:30 – Solid advice on preparing for opportunities
  • 51:22 – Loop Community: From creating backing tracks to developing Track Rig
  • 73:45 – A word of encouragement for worship drummers

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Links to Things

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Jordan Feliz – Never Too Far Gone! – Video where Andrew forgot his drum throne.

Andrew playing Alive (Hillsong Y&F) synth lead parts with his right hand…


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