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Hey friends, I’m very excited to share this episode with you! Zach Mullings is an amazing human and a fantastic drummer, and in this episode you will discover his story.

At the end of this episode we have a very BIG announcement that we share so be sure to listen all the way through!

Key Topics in This Episode

  • 0:00 – Intro
  • 4:00 – Upbringing
  • 7:29 – Journey to Drumming and Berklee
  • 12:29 – Next Steps in NYC
  • 15:40 – Hillsong NYC and a season of waiting
  • 20:43 – Touring Late Night shows
  • 27:18 – Adapting your playing during the pandemic (SPD-SX, etc)
  • 33:39 – Advice for drummers in dealing with this difficult season
  • 38:50 – Vital Music: Zach’s education platform for drummers
  • 42:05 – BIG ANNOUNCEMENT (See below)

Follow Zach Mullings on Instagram
Check out Zach’s website and Vital Music.


On March 9, 2021 Worship Drummer is celebrating our 10th Birthday and in partnership with Zach and Vital Music, we’re excited to announce that will be launching. Head over to the site and join over 500 drummers already on our launch list.

Our heart is to serve your needs so be sure to also submit your song requests and we’ll get busy producing the drum samples!

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