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Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a successful music tour? We’re letting you in on the secret as we sit down with Jared Neal and Javier Solis, the heartbeat of Lauren Daigle’s band. This dynamic duo unpacks their unique approach to rhythm, revealing how they play with different pockets and gaps in the music’s rhythmic texture. They even share a few gig-war stories, with Jared recounting a hilarious incident where he had to use a floor tom as his kick drum!

From cover bands to drum stores, we dive into Jared and Javier’s journey to mastering the drumming craft. We navigate through their learnings including the Nashville number system and reading drum charts. The cherry on top? They talk about the new song “I’ll Always Take You With Me” and the exhilaration of presenting it to Lauren Daigle.

In the life of a touring musician, balancing personal and professional life is key. So how do Jared and Javier manage? They offer insights into their strategies which include being present with their family while on tour, leveraging Nashville’s touring style, and staying in tune with the Holy Spirit. They impart wise advice for church musicians and drummers, highlighting the importance of teamwork, support, and the ‘less is more’ approach. As we wrap up, they share their concert experiences and tips for maintaining a healthy family life on the road. Tune in for a rhythmic adventure as we journey through the beats of their lives!

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