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Andy Harrison is a superb pro worshipdrummer who can be heard on the latest Planetshakers release, This Is Our Time. We recently had the opportunity to record a 1-hour interview (yet to be released – stay tuned!). But after the interview we still had more questions for him to answer. We are so grateful for the time he took to answer them. So let this be a teaser of the upcoming interview that we did with him.

Andy Harrison - Planetshakers

WD: Who are your biggest playing influences?
AH: obviously Mike Webber, also Tony Royster, Dave Weckle, growing up also Travis Barker, Big Mike Clemons

WD: Do you play any other instruments?
AH: I can play basic piano and understand music enough to write songs.

WD: Did you study a lot growing up?
AH: I was pretty into my study both music and general academic. I enjoy learning and progressing and getting better

WD: What’s the most important thing a teacher ever taught you?
AH: Best lesson from a teacher – there’s no substitute for practice and experience

WD: Favourite bass player?
AH: Josh Ham (Planetshakers)

WD: Top three albums? Favorite live concerts?
AH: I pretty much only listen and fill my life with praise and worship. But I enjoy lots of styles of music including hip hop, dance, pop, jazz – some bands lately would be Coldplay and Snarky PuppyNo live concert would compare with a live worship experience

WD: Do you have any hobbies outside of drumming? What are they?
AH: I grew up surfing now I enjoy working out at the gym, hanging with my wife but I don’t generally have a lot of time for hobbies

WD: What are some things that inspire you to practice?
AH: I get inspired to practice any time I see or hear someone playing something or in a way that I can’t master, or when I feel frustrated by being stuck playing the same fills and patterns or when I feel like my playing is limiting what I’m feeling spiritually, if that makes sense. I get very inspired musically and creatively by listening to other music and also by shopping/fashion and design

WD: What’s your favorite piece of gear you own?
AH: Favourite piece of gear is my Yamaha Absolute Custom kit

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