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We are excited to release our first-ever LIVE #WDpodcast with none other than Hillsong Young & Free’s drummer, Brendan Tan. We had a great hang as we touched on drums and gear, issues of the heart, the new Youth Revival album, and answer some (many) of your questions.


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In This Episode:

  • How did you get to where you are today, playing for Hillsong Young and Free?
  • I feel like all the drummers at Hillsong have great chops. Who are some of your main influences?
  • Given the likes of some of the guys who’ve gone before you (Rolf, Mabes, Kobes), what is the Drumming culture like today at Hillsong?
  • Is it difficult to stay humble in the face of success and popularity?
  • Youth Revival. Tell us a little about that project and what it means to you.
  • Drum gear run down.
  • Lots of raw/unedited Q&A from the community.
  • Final word of advice for worship drummers.
  • Bonus: Extended uncut Q&A (the questions just kept coming so we pressed “record” again!)

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Video of LIVE Q&A with Brendan Tan

For those who want to watch the original LIVE Q&A (uncut and unedited), here it is!

Stay tuned right here for pics and more to follow!

Pics from Brendan Tan

How about that shot of Brendan’s bookshelf with the drum books!!!!

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