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GIVEAWAY: The Complete Cobus Method DVD Box Set (1 Winner)

[This giveaway is part of a series in The Most Awesomest Christmas Giveaways for WorshipDrummers]

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I am so excited to announce today’s new giveaway! Thanks to our friends at Railroad Media, and of course the awesome Cobus Potgieter, we will be giving away one hawt new DVD box set called The Cobus Method. Looking back, I realize we have never featured a post on Cobus, but let this be the start.

Who is Cobus Potgieter

Here’s a great introduction to who Cobus is, and believe me, he’s got an incredible story (taken from his About page) :

Near the end of 2001, a 16 year old Cobus Potgieter attended an outreach organized by the churches in his area. At the end of the outreach, the drummer from a band that was performing there invited everyone in the audience to play a basic 4/4 rock beat on the drum set. Cobus decided to accept the challenge. In what would become one of his defining moments, he was able to play the beat straightaway. As the outreach came to an end a feeling grew inside of Cobus Potgieter – the urge to play drums again. He saved as much money as he could, and by 2002 he was able to buy his first drum set.

With no formal drum lessons, Cobus Potgieter filmed his first video for YouTube — “Quick Drumsolo” — and followed it up with a series of eight drum covers. These videos launched Cobus’ online drumming career and, 80 million views later, he is one of the most popular drummers in the world. This self-taught phenom has taken the online drumming world by storm with his passionate approach and unique style – all without a single professional drum lesson.

In his Cobus Method training system, Cobus explores the boundaries of learning how to play the drums 100% by ear. Amazingly, he has learned how to play hundreds of songs without reading a single note of sheet music. He takes you through all of his strategies, including: how to learn to play songs by ear, how to make your own songs, and how to write new and unique drum parts while working with professional studio musicians.

Even today, Cobus takes it all in stride. He was just a kid from South Africa that picked up a pair of drum sticks and set out to learn the drums. Luckily for us, the entire journey was documented through his growing library of drum covers available on YouTube.

As drummers, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the technical aspects of drumming. With Cobus’ unique approach – you can forget about all the technical distractions and focus on the music.

The Cobus Method is going to change the way you think about drumming forever!

[tentblogger-youtube SVY3xgDaD6o]

Yes it’s true, we only have ONE winner for this giveaway. It’s important to know that this DVD box set, retailing at $197, is in extremely high demand. I count it a privilege to be able to give it away right here on the blog for FREE!

If you are like me and you want the opportunity to purchase The Cobus Method now, you can get 25% off the price but you’ll have to hurry. There are only a few hundred copies left and they will run out!

Eligibility: This giveaway is open to anyone (preferably drummers), anywhere where Canada Post ships to!

Be sure to participate for this giveaway and refer as many friends as you can. You’ll want every opportunity you can get since there is only ONE WINNER! Winners will be announced on Wed. Dec 21. In the mean time, be sure to visit  The Cobus Method website and see how awesome it actually is! Good luck and enjoy the suspense until we announce a winner!


Winner as selected by Ram Pajarillaga

Congrats and thank you to all who participated! I will be sending an email to our winner with further instructions. Stay tuned for another awesome giveaway announcement tomorrow. This will be our second to last one.

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