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Day 2 – April 10, 2015

Today is the day!!!
Doors open at 6:30 tonight and we kick the first set off at 7:30PM.

What a day it has been already. Woke up super early to find out that Caleb, one of our electric players was up all night with food poisoning so he wasn’t able to make it to rehearsal, but by the grace of God he’s here and feeling much better. Got to rehearsal around 8 and got to work with the crew. Things went well and the guys filled me in on some last minute changes they made at a rehearsal I missed last weekend. Sound check went a little longer than usual due to the fact that 14 people were trying to dial in their in-ear mixes. With all the switching and such, things got a little chaotic. Lauren Daigle’s band showed up around 11 or so and started setting up their gear for the concert tonight. It was awesome getting to chat with those guys and see some of the gear they were using. Spencer, Lauren’s drummer, has this dope 80’s Gretsch kit, and it sounds killer. He is also using a roland pad with some THAT SOUND samples.

cody bray - Tama aux kit - session 2Crazy to think things are going to kick off in a couple of hours. I’ve got to be honest and let you guys know that this has already been a pretty emotional experience for all of us. So many of us in The Collective met at this conference, became Christians at this conference, or have been greatly impacted by it. God has already done so much through the ministry of The Collective and we are getting overwhelmed thinking about all of the students that will be here this weekend worshipping and growing in our knowledge of our God. I pray that we as a team would lead with humble and Christ centered attitudes on and off the stage.

We have worked so hard over the last few months gearing up for this event and it’s finally here. It’s such a blessing to lead worship with some of my best friends and my little brother (he plays keys). One of the greatest things about this group of musicians is the fact that they’re constantly pursuing God and each other. They’re constantly encouraging and challenging each other to keep a proper perspective of the opportunity we have been given. They know that no matter what happens God will be glorified and honored if we seek him First. It’s so easy to get distracted and forget why we are really here. I’m constantly having to fight my pride and ego in situations like this. My prayer for the team tonight is that they would be transparent in their worship. That they would radiate the love of Christ and point the glory to our Heavenly father.

cody bray - c and c - session 2

Our first set tonight will be:
1. This Is Amazing Grace – Phil Wickham
2. Unstoppable God – Elevation Worship
3. Love Divine – Summerhill
4. Can’t Escape – Alex Edmonds (This song is seriously incredible. Alex is a part of The Collective)

The second set will be:
5. Cannons – Phil Wickham
6. Forever – Kari Jobe
7. Taste Of Eternity – Bellerive
8. Revelation Song – Passion arrangement

Please pray God would reveal Himself in a powerful way tonight. There will be so many students coming tonight that have never trusted in the Gospel. Pray that they would respond and that students would be revived in their faith. Pray that we lead with integrity and excellence tonight.

Today is an awesome day to be a Worship Drummer.

– Cody Bray

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