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Use Cymbag to Protect Your Cymbals

We all know that good cymbals don’t come cheap. They are an investment that every WorshipDrummer will make at one time or another. What do you naturally want to do with an investment? You protect the investment!

To be honest I never really thought of cymbal covers until I saw the Cymbag.

I must admit, it looks pretty sweet! You want more out of the Cymbag? No Problem! You can also use the Cymbag as a muffler for your cymbal when practicing.

Check out how easy it is to use:

[tentblogger-youtube To4sAOsy3TE]

Prices in the Cymbag online store range from $5.99 – $25.99 and they offer free shipping to US and Canada for orders over $64.90.

What are you using to protect your cymbals? Anyone already using the Cymbag? Let us know.

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