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We couldn’t be happier to reveal a secret project that we’ve been working on since the end of summer! With great diligence, we’ve been busy looking for quality sponsors and products that we feel would benefit drummers. Period.

We wanted to close out 2014 with a BANG, and we are so grateful for all the companies who said yes and are sponsoring some of the finest giveaways for drummers you will see in 2014!

Christmas Giveaways

We let drum companies know that we were wanting to be a blessing to our community of worshipdrummers and offered them the opportunity to join in with us in any way possible. We want to take this opportunity to thank – in advance – all our sponsors in no particular order:

  • Evans
  • Promark
  • Hudson Music
  • Drumeo
  • Sabian
  • Heartbeat Distributors (GruvGear, Peace Drums)

The Giveaway

It all starts today so be sure to check back to see what our first giveaway will be! And tune in all month long as we get set to give away more than $2632 worth of drum gear!

*Note: Sponsors and/or prizes are subject to change, but we hope things stay the same 🙂

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