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Glad you’re joining us for “week 2” of our interview with Luke Anderson, Drummer for Elevation Worship.

This week you’ll get to hear Luke share his experience preparing for and recording on Elevation Worship’s newest live album, “Only King Forever”. He shares the freedom he felt coming up with new ideas, the process behind the pre-production as well as the major struggles he faced, both technically and emotionally, the night of the recording.


Luke’s Heartbeat Cymbals and the kit set-up on stage, ready for the live recording.

Luke also opens up about how the album impacts his worship on a personal level and the honour that comes with doing what we  as a community do. He goes on to share other drummers and bands that have influenced his style over the years. We dicuss playing a simple beat to carry the melody and set the pace of the song with the inspiration of some military inspired rhythms.

Without further ado, here’s PART 2 of our conversation.

[tentblogger-youtube WUJceTiEiAA]

What are some of your recording experiences? What have been some scary moments for you while playing live? Here at Worship Drummer we want to see you grow – tell us how we can help you in the Comments below!

Our last video, part 3 of this interview, will have us chatting about Playing on Stage, Battles and remaining humbl… I mean… Teachable. Don’t miss it! 🙂

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