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On June 14, 2022, the Kingdom Tour with Maverick City X Kirk Franklin stopped into Toronto and we had the opportunity to talk through Harold “HB” Brown’s gear. Here’s a complete rundown of his kit. (Links will be below video)

Drum Gear Rundown


Franklin Drums

  • Tom 1 – 10×7 Maple Poplar
  • Tom 2 – 12×8 maple poplar
  • Floor Tom (Left) 14×14 Maple Poplar
  • Floor tom – 16×15 maple poplar
  • Kick 1 (Main) – 22×14 maple poplar
  • Kick 2 – 18×14 – Maple Poplar


  • Snare 1 – A&F 12×3 Piccolo snare
  • Snare 2 – Franklin 14×7 Penny Copper snare
  • Snare 3 – Franklin 14×5 Aluminum snare




  • Istanbul Agop 16” Traditional Light Hi-hats
  • Istanbul Agop Clapstack
  • Istanbul Agop 20” Xist Dry Dark Crash
  • Istanbul Agop 20” Power Crash
  • Istanbul Agop 22” 30th Anniversary Ride
  • Istanbul Agop 17” Xist Dry Dark Hi-Hat
  • Istanbul Agop 19” Power Crash
  • Istanbul Agop 22” Dry Dark Crash / 18” Ion Xist (stacked)
  • Istanbul Agop Xist Dry Dark Splash


Here’s Naomi Raine’s video “Not Ready” where HB uses the electronic setup that Drizzie referenced.

Also, a massive shoutout to Jonny Russell from Miracle Mountain Media Group for offering to capture this day with me. He filmed and edited the entire video and thanks to Sacha for the colour grading.

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