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iDrumTech App
A few weeks ago I received a text from Jared, a good friend of our blog, who was excited to tell me about his new find. He said something like “iDrumTech is insane! I’m freaking out about it. It’s changing the way I tune my drums and it’s only $4.”

What’s The Big Deal?

We are excited about this app because we know full well that tuning drums is a major issue/mystery for many drummers. There are a few great options out there such as the Drumdial Drum Tuner,  and the  Tune-Bot Digital Drum Tuner,  but these are rather expensive. iDrumTech is $4 and is a Drum Tuner, Drum Tuning Calculator, Drum Tuning Manager and Drum Tuning Educational iPhone App. Pretty sweet for $4, right?!

Here are some screenshots so you can see what the app looks like.

Here’s the official description from the iTunes App Store:

iDrumTech is a Drum Tuner and Drum Tech iPhone App. It has a Drum Tuner that introduces new technology which allows you to use your EARS while you tune drums. It creates a truly awesome Audio Visual Experience with your drum tuning, Drum Preset Library, Drum Tuning Calculator, Drum Maintenance Manuals and much more Drum Information.

The app does take some time learning but there are several helpful videos that should point you in the right direction.

You can download iDrumTech in the iTunes App Store here:

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