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sundayseat 11

So many awesome Sunday Seats. I love the one from Hillsong’s  @HarrisonJWood.

Have your kit featured

To have your kit featured, all you have to do is take a pic of your kit, post it to Instagram and use the #SundaySeat hashtag and we will post your pic here on to be seen by all our readers.

Gear question

What’s your favourite kit? What cymbals and heads are you/your church using? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Mark Buie says:

    We have a smaller church with about 700-800 in attendance per service. I have always loved playing acoustic drums but we just felt we would have more control with a set of electronic drums. We purchased the Yamaha DTX set and have never looked back. Yes, they don’t have the feel of acoustic drums but they have an awesome sound and really play well. They are easy to control in the house speakers as well as in the monitors on stage. For our set up and situation the Yamaha DTX was a great choice. Sorry this sounds like a promo for Yamaha!!!

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