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So thrilled to feature 26 of your awesome #SundaySeat pics from this past weekend in church. Of special mention is one that came via email, directly to us from Bethel Worship’s drummer David Whitworth. It’s the pic featuring him and fellow drummer, Joe Volk.

We are blown away by the response and always look forward to seeing all of your amazing pics.

Have Your Pic Featured

All you have to do is take a pic of your kit, post it to Instagram and use the #SundaySeat hashtag and we will post your pic here on to be seen by all our readers.

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  • Mark Buie says:

    Those are some really beautiful sets. I love the wide variety of colors and set up types. The one thing I have noticed, however, is there have not been any electronic drums represented here in the past 15 Monday Mashups. I play electronic drums at my church mainly because we are a smaller church than those represented here. We average about 800 on Sunday morning. I would love to see ours and other electronic drumsets represented. I will send you another picture this coming week of our Yamaha DTX set up. Thanks Jon for all you do!!!

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