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HeartMull Over Mondays

Mull Over Mondays [video]

(if you don’t see the video please click here to watch it)

It’s Monday and it’s time to mull over our past week. How did last week go for you? Were you playing drums at any cool services, venues, or conferences?

Did you practice with or buy your metronome?  More importantly, how’s your heart?

Hit up the comments. I’d love to hear how you’re all doing!

[This is post is part of our “Mull Over Mondays” – a look back at our week of playing.]

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  • Dan Thomson says:

    Good Morning Jon,
    Good idea to mull things over. I had the opportunity to sit in the front row at our previous church in Hamilton on Sunday and worship without commitments. During that time, we had the opportunity to watch a young 16 year old drummer impress my socks off! He had great hands, timing and was responding well to changes in the songs based on the leader’s response to the congregation. He also pulled out the bamboo sticks during reflective moments which told me he was sensitive to the moment.

    I then realized that the mentoring aspect of drumming is so pivotal. Allowing young people who exhibit sincere hearts to participate in the main worship of the church not only raises them up as leaders, but also shows that they have value and their talents can be expressed beyond the youth group scenario.

    I knew he was doing well when I wasn’t thinking about the drums through the worship time. That is not always the case and needs to be nurtured!

    Have a great day!

    • jonmanna says:

      Great input! Mentoring/nurturing is a huge aspect. Hopefully we can provide some of that here too.

      Glad you were able to worship without commitments 🙂

  • Stace says:

    Hey i’m Stace, i’m 16.
    I’m part of a church in the UK called Global- we have two locations one in Lancashire, England and one in Yorkshire, England. I am based in the Lancs campus and i’ve been drumming in my church since late September last year. Over these past months i’ve grown loads and it has been great creating an atmosphere that helps people connect with God!
    I did use a metronome, but me and our York drummer Matt between us broke it a couple of weeks ago… so its on the mend!
    I drummed yesterday at church, here is the set we did which was a full Hillsong setlist!-
    Blessed be the name (cheesy, but our church love it)
    Open my eyes
    You hold me now
    This is our God.

    I think it went really well musically and spiritually.
    Musically i don’t think i was 100% but nothing big to disturb the congregation from worshipping.
    I believe my heart is full this week from being at a conference called ‘Stronger’ which was held at Abundant Life Church in Bradford last week, so im fully inspired and i believe it fired our team up for church yesterday, so it was quality!

    Love what your doing Jon!


  • Gabriel L. says:

    Happy Monday Jon, Stace, and everyone else. I’m actually at a different perspective, I’m a worship drummer who played on the team for years and now in the congregation. It’s obviously hard not to criticize and think to myself how I would play songs different and “better”. That’s naturaly on my mind and every musicians mind but i keep it WAY in the back and worship the same as I would on stage. It’s important to check yourself and remind your self that worship is you and God time, the music and songs should not block or keep you from going deeper into his presence. That’s where my hearts at. On stage and off.

    • jonmanna says:

      Hey Gabriel. thanks for being honest! As a pastor and a musician, I can so relate to this, being that I am not always on an instrument during worship. Like you, I have to keep it WAY in the back of my mind.

      Let’s continue to go deeper!

  • DC says:

    So what do you do when you start the click and the lead musician plays at his own tempo? You do what I had to, avoid a train wreck, turn the click off and go with it. Dish out a big serving of grace and don’t hold to your job as a ‘tempo setter’ with an iron fist. It’s always better that way. Both for the worship team members and the congregations worship experience.

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