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Mull Over Mondays

For many of us, Easter weekend serves as a real reminder of what Christ has done on the cross. Churches are usually packed, extra services are sometimes added while cantatas, plays, and productions are now common to see.

With all that comes the pressure to perform, the commitment of extra time, and the stress of pulling it all off flawlessly.

So as we reflect on this past weekend, what stands out in your mind? Let’s talk about the cross, let’s talk about what you/your church did for Easter, and of course, your role in these services as worship drummers. Did you serve in other capacities? Did you drum for 4 straight services? And what were the results of all the effort?

For me, being a pastor, I didn’t get to drum. Instead I preached a Good Friday youth rally and was able to rejoice with 7 others that gave their lives to Christ. Then for our Sunday service, I played keys (I play drums, keys, and acoustic guitar fairly well).

What I realized more than ever, is that…

  • We need to be willing to serve Jesus and His church
  • Sometimes that means that I won’t get to play drums because there might be a greater need for my gifts and talents. (see Romans 12:4-8)

So whether you played drums or not, I’d love to hear how you served on Easter weekend and what fruit/results did you see for the glory of God.

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  • Brent says:

    One of the other churches in our community did a 24hr worship set. Started at with communion at 6:00pm on Friday and ended at 6:00pm sat. My church partnered with them and our team filled in for a 2hr set from 10pm till midnight. This was an excellent time of growth for my team. We are a very small church, our team is a singer, a guitar player who sings, and myself playing the cajon, cajon bongos, and djembe. We do not have monitors, nor do I even mic up. Friday we had all kinds of nice equipment and for the first time I was able to truly play without having to worry about drowning out my leader and his guitar. The beginning was a bit rough, but once we got started and tuned out everything else and tuned into God it was phenomenal. At one point the body began a clap offering, i typically tap along with it for a bit, as I did I started hitting a couple of bass tones here and there. Suddenly the entire mood shifted a bit, everyone’s clapping became on beat, people started dancing and jumping for a bit. It was a time of genuine play and warfare amongst our group, and it was completely unplanned. I must confess the entire experience was very encouraging for us. Thomas and I were completely in sync, and we rose to the occasion. With us typically leading a very small body, many of which are still learning what it means to worship, it was amazing to see first hand what God is capable of through us. The only ‘draw back’ if there is one, is that while for most people worship is a time of filling up, for a worship team, and especially us drummers who go into warfare it is a time of pouring out. After Friday night and Sunday morning, both of which were intense, my entire team is wore out. But I cant wait till next time!!!

    • Chancely says:

      Man thats Amazing!! Glad you got to experience that, its a powerful thing when you get to kick the devil in the teeth.

    • jonmanna says:

      Brent, that’s incredible!!

      You are so right when you say that while worship is a time of filling up, for the musicians it’s a time of pouring out. May we always play/minister out of the overflow!

  • mike says:

    Great “Mull Over”, Brent! Amazing what God can do with a willing servant’s heart.

    Love the thought of “pouring out”! How true that is. Especially at Easter…I guess, at least for me, there’s something indescribably special about the significance of the day. Something inside…brimming with excitement! Maybe part of it is the extra preparation that the band, praise team and tech team are part of? You just anticipate that the Holy Spirit is really going to show up in unexpected ways! And when He does…and the people respond…it’s just beautiful! 🙂 In those moments…you really don’t even know what you’re playing…or if it’s even you playing at all! It is a “pouring out” that is so beyond any articulation, really.

    You’re just so thankful that as He arranged the many parts of the Body…and that He blessed you with the part that keeps time…you just can’t help but be in awe of Him! So, so special for the musician.

    We played Chris Tomlin’s “All My Fountains” for Sunday’s three Easter services. Dudes! We welcomed Him with praise! And He flowed non-stop in His house! Still thanking Him today! Wow!

    Psalm 87:7

  • David says:

    Here in Ghana, every local group of churches travel to another town for easter every year. I couldn’t make it this year so I spent the week alone. But yesterday I played at a prayer service. It was just for about 20 to 30 mins but I believe God had His way.

  • Matt Harrell says:

    Our Easter services were great! We had 2 packed services. The Holy Spirit was really moving and band sounded great. The challenging part for me was being the percussion for a rendition of In Christ Alone with a full choir. I have no experience with that sort of stuff. I’m mostly just a jam drummer…whatever that means. In other words I wasn’t in a marching band or ever taken any lessons. But it was a great experience.

    The other hard part was not being with wife and kids for the first part of the Easter day. It was a challenging morning for my wife.

    Anyway, thanks for giving me a place to share this stuff. Love the community your creating here!

    • jonmanna says:

      Hey Matt, that’s what we’re here for! Thanks for sharing and you’re definitely not alone in the family department. It’s not always easy. Make sure you spend extra time with the family this week ;).

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