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Mull Over Mondays

  • I am still trying to catch up after being away for the weekend. I played drums at a Student Conference put on by Transform Canada and got to play with an amazing guy.
  • The conference main sessions were held in a gym. Here are some thoughts on that.
  • We announced the winners for our Tempo iPhone App Giveaway. Make sure to check if you are a winner.
  • I’m prepping for our new blog series which launches tomorrow: Pro WorshipDrummers. It’ll be excellent!
  • What happened during your weekend? Were you playing drums? What’s the latest and greatest in your world?

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  • Chancely says:

    Had a great weekend, got to play at church. it was nice its been a few weeks. did a new song called You Lifted Me Out by Chris Tomlin. We also played You Never Let Go, sick intro with just vocals and a solid back beat on the side snare. very classy!

  • Stacey Kershaw says:

    Had a great morning in church yesterday, yep i got to play, its an incredible honour every week! Got to play a great song by a local worship team called ALM:uk part of the Abundant Life Church in Bradford, who we network with (I’d check them out by the way, doing great things!) the song is called Be Glorified and its such a powerful song that always goes down well in our church! Such an amazing weekend, i’m truly blessed!

    • jonmanna says:

      That’s so cool! I have that album… it’s one i’ve listened to on repeat several times. Their style reminds me of Car Park North.

      Be Glorified is a great song!

  • just created another account with an added URL… just thought i’d check it works haha

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