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HeartMull Over Mondays

Mull Over Mondays – Dog Poop and Stuff!

Mull Over Mondays

Earlier today I tweeted that I didn’t feel like blogging. For no particular reason at all, I had a really rough night with little sleep. I was up at 3:30am and never really made it back to sleep. As much as I love Mull Over Mondays and hearing how your week went, I just didn’t feel like writing this post.

So what changed?

Poop 'n Scoop

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I was out doing groceries and I witnessed a dog-owner bending down with a plastic bag over their hand to pick up their dog’s poop. I’m glad it’s the law here in Ontario (since I’ve had to dodge a few mounds in my lifetime) but I find this to be so  ridiculous. I mean, were we ever really made to walk a dog and pick up its poop? It’s almost as if we are slaves to the dogs. Well, not me! I’d rather play and talk drums!!!

Here are some cool things to note on this cloudy and wet Monday:

  • I had a busy weekend and didn’t play any drums.
  • Had a conversation with some great musicians. Talked about how important feel and dynamics are in a musical worship setting.
  • We have a sweet giveaway for 2 drums/percussion instructional DVDs from Integrity Music going on right now.
  • Tonight I am going to see Gungor in concert. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now.
  • Modern Drummer Festival is coming up soon. Are any of you going?
  • Have you ever heard of the Montreal Drum Fest? I’m considering making the trip to my hometown this awesome event.

So what’s the latest in your world? What have you been up to? Have you been using your Tempo iPhone Apps? Share in the comments!



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    • Chancely says:

      Man sucks to hear you not sleeping well. I had a stellar weekend. Got called last second to fill in a church and got to play with some of my good friends, then had a cook out after church! enjoy the Gungor show, i saw them on new years and there where amazing!

      • Stacey Kershaw says:

        wow, thats weird cause i got called last second too! Our church is in the UK, we are privileged to have 2 locations one in the northwest of England and one in the Northeast. I’m based in the Northwest at Global Lancs. I play there everyweek and its my home. Got called at literally last second if i could travel to the other side of the country and play at Global York.
        it reminded me how blessed i am that as a 17 year old female drummer, i get to travel across the country to help people connect with God. What an honour!!!
        i’m seeing Gungor in August at THE GREATEST youth conference in the WORLD!! 😉 check it- 🙂

        Enjoy your week guys.

      • jonmanna says:

        Mmmm… cook out!

        Gungor blew my mind out last night (in a good way) and I got to connect with their drummer, Daniel Grothe – amazing guy!

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