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Mull Over Mondays

  • Last Monday was a Canadian holiday,  Victoria Day,  and I didn’t post for Mull Over Mondays (please forgive me)
  • Today is Memorial Day for all of my friends just South of us, in the beautiful USA. What do you do to make your day special?
  • Our Church had Teen Challenge come with their Men’s Choir to minister. We were blessed to hear their testimonies and their musical talents!
  • The Modern Drummer Festival is over and you can watch and read all about it here.
  • For all you Angry Birds fans, here’s a cool Angry Birds song from Pomplamoose.
  • Happy to see that the winner from our last giveaway, Chancely S., got his DVDs this week and tweeted this out:
[blackbirdpie url=”!/Chancely_S/statuses/73820766361239552″]

(notice his WorshipDrummer background? You can represent us too.)

  • Happy to see that Steve M. is getting some good use from his Tempo App:
[blackbirdpie url=”!/srmorris2/statuses/74838106066534401″]

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