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My Experience at a NINEOFIVE Event with Aaron Gillespie, and Parachute Band

On Sunday I had the opportunity to head to Ajax, ON to spend the night at  Carruthers Creek Community Church (C4) for a NINEOFIVE event.


For starters, Josh McCabe hooked us up with press passes and that meant that we could bypass the huge lineup that was forming (over an hour before doors actually opened). As soon as we walked in, I realized that this was serious stuff – the real deal. We were greeted by some young and  enthusiastic  volunteers (all wearing NINEOFIVE “Event Staff”  T-shirts). There were booths set up for various schools and organizations and of course the merch tables.

Some of the night’s sponsors were Gibson and Roland, and Jesse Giddings (VJ on Toronto’s Much Music) was the night’s opening MC.

Josh and the NINEOFIVE Band kicked off the night with some rocking tunes.

Aaron Gillespie soon joined the band on stage and continued to lead us in some worship. I must say that Aaron is the real deal! We featured his testimony hear on the blog and his passion is raw! Knowing that Aaron Gillespie was Underoath’s former drummer, I didn’t really know what to expect from him as a lead singer, but to my amazement, this guy can really belt it out!

Aaron Gillespie

Aaron Gillespie

As you can see, the atmosphere was electric, but what you can’t see, with your human eyes, is that God was touching hearts. After having heard Aaron’s story, hearing him sing and even share a few words, I was reminded of God’s faithfulness to me. I thought about how many times I’ve failed Him. How many times I made bad decisions. How many times I’ve miss-represented Him. And the beauty of it all is that  in spite  of my failures, He’s still faithful and His love for me is  never-ending.

Woven into Aaron’s set was a message from Chris Durso, youth director at  Youth Explosion (NY, USA). He was there to bring the Word and he did it well!

After a brief intermission, everybody was anxious to hear Parachute Band.

Parachute Band

This was my first time hearing them, and I cannot  exaggerate when I say that they are incredible! Sam de Jong is their drummer and he was ripping it! Besides that, there was such an anointing on their music that it just captivated my attention. The most unfortunate thing for me was that it was getting late and I had to make the 1.5-hour trek back home. I only got to hear their first 4 songs, but it was the highlight of my night!

Big shout out to Josh for the invite and for all the work that he is doing with the NINEOFIVE Events. This is clearly a ministry done well and one that I hope to be a part of in the future. Keep it up guys!

Watch for our next post on Sam de Jong, drummer from Parachute band.

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  • Dan Thomson says:

    Thanks for the post. I watched most of it live from my studio and I was impressed at the video and audio quality for a USTREAM event! Yes, Josh and the team did a great job. I too was impressed with Parachute Band and it was great to hear the lead singers testimony. As I was watching, I noticed in the chat window that there were people from New Zealand online watching too. That’s when I realized that Worship is about coming together as much as a solo experience.

    I wish I could’ve been there in person, but thankful that I could watch through the lense!

    • jonmanna says:

      “Worship is about coming together as much as a solo experience.” WORD UP!!!

      I forgot to mention the live stream in the post! That’s one element that I didn’t get to experience.

      Thanks for Dan

  • Chancely says:

    Man i watched that show online, and it was soo powerful. Aaron is such a good guy and has a HUGE heart. I suggest if you get the chance to hang with him jump at it.

  • Chancely says:

    Must go to Canada!!

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