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One Month Review of

This week marks our one-month anniversary since the launch of and I wanted to share some stats with you.

Why share stats?

  • I want to foster a community built around trust and honesty
  • I have nothing to be  embarrassed  about since I’m not trying to be the biggest, coolest website out there (at least not yet)
  • It will encourage us as we grow to look back and see how it all started!


Here is an overview of our first month getting started as

1. 12 blog posts with  63 comments

WD Comments and Posts

The 12 posts includes two guest posts. Learn how you can contribute to

In case you are wondering, is built on the amazing Standard Theme for WordPress. I highly recommend it if you are a blogger.

2. 1,100 Unique Visitors and Just Under 3,000 Page Views Google Analytics

3. 29 RSS Subscribers RSSFeed

4. 206 Twitter followers

WD Twitter

5. 64 likes on our Facebook Page

WD Facebook Page


What all this tells me is that we are growing as a community of WorshipDrummers and I need to thank YOU! Thank you for jumping on board. Thank you for being passionate about our craft. Thank you for willing to get involved and grow together. Just like I tell my youth group, this [site/blog] is here for you, so make the most of it!

Keep in mind that we are just getting started and there are some exciting things coming up next month for, so stay tuned.

After one month of existence, I think it’s appropriate to open the floor to give you an opportunity to give your input. So, in the comments let us know what you want to learn, what topics you want us to cover, and what you want to see more of or less of.

1 + 2 + 3 + GO!


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