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Maybe you didn’t know this before, but Paul Mabury is a Christian and has years of experience playing as a worship drummer. With time spent playing at Hillsong and on many worship albums (some he also produced), when Paul speaks, you learn to listen, and listen closely.

This short video is one of those moments where you’ll want to listen. It comes to us via our friend Josh at Worship Artistry.

[tweet_box design=”default”]It’s not the engineer’s job to make the drums sound great. It’s your job! – @paulmabury[/tweet_box]

Some Advice from Paul Mabury

  • Listen to the drums you’re playing
  • Tune them “warm” – make them feel warm
  • Use cymbals that are a little bigger and darker. Not bright and high – these will cut through too much.
  • Play to the room
  • If you’re playing in a big room, you can get away with more.

Can you relate to what Paul has said? Let us know in the comments.

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