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Playing and Texting: Saying “I’ve never done that” is a lie for most of us!

We’ve all heard of the dangers of texting while driving, but what about texting while playing drums?

You know what I’m talking about! You’re at band practice and your phone (which you rests beside your kit) lights up with a text message alert. As you are playing through the blazing chorus of a new tune from Hillsong you skillfully replace the stick in your hand with your phone (preferably  an iPhone with Tempo).

If you still have no idea what I’m talking about stop here – you are too perfect or out of touch with technology. For the rest of us here’s an ad that seems to show that it’s actually cool to do this.

[tentblogger-youtube vWECl0dlz90]

Is this perfectly acceptable – dropping what you’re doing to reply to a text message? Why or Why not?

I have an opinion but I want to hear what you guys think. Maybe we should all get our worship leaders to leave a comment too!

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