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It’s no secret that we come across many #SundaySeat pics on our instagram feed. But one thing began to stick out, time and again: these Big Fat Snare Drum rings sitting on many a snare drum. The intrigue and questions kept growing surrounding BFSD, so we reached out to our friends at BFSD and they hooked us up with the combo pack so we could review it and let you know our thoughts on its use in worship settings.

Here’s the box I received in the mail. As promised, the box contained Big Fat Snare Drum’s combo pack, just waiting for us to put it to work.

Review of Big Fat Snare Drum’s Combo Pack

First Impressions

Even though I always get giddy when unboxing anything new, opening the pizza-styled box had a cool feeling to it. Once opened you notice the beautiful gold sticker and Tuner Fish Lug locks discount card – a nice added touch! And of course, let’s not forget what we actually were waiting for, Steve’s Donut and The Original. Packaging is simple since nothing is fragile or breakable.

The Construction

BFSDs are simple by design and consist of a rubber ring glued to a circular plastic surface. The thumb cutout is ingenious as it allows you to easily snatch it up to remove it in a live playing scenario without literally missing a beat!

We’ve been using it solidly for about 3 weeks now and guesstimate that it can last the average worship drummer at least 9-12months.


BFSD is engineered to dampen and fundamentally lower the pitch of your medium to high-pitched tuned snare drum and emit a beefy, fat, warm, vintage tone.

I took to testing it on a tightly tuned, old drum head with lots of ringing and felt that BFSD delivers on its promise!

In this video, you can see the combo pack in action and you can see for yourself. In the video I also discuss it’s application in a worship setting. Basically, for $20, the BFSD allows you to get the sound of two snares for virtually the price of one!

Our Recommendation

In the video we shared some ideas of how it can be used in a worship setting. But if you didn’t watch the video, you are probably still asking, but do you recommend it? The answer to that is a resounding yes! Even though it’s not promoted this way, in all honesty, even if you suck at tuning a snare, we feel you can achieve a great snare sound for $20 by simply laying the BFSD on your “tuned” snare.

And if you want to know which one we’d choose if forced to pick between Steve’s Donut or The Original, we’d pick Steve’s Donut. But, I encourage you to spend the extra $15 and upgrade to the $35 combo pack so you can enjoy the benefit of both!

You can purchase any of the Big Fat Snare Drum products straight from their website.

Thank you to Big Fat Snare Drum for giving us the opportunity to review the combo pack!

Have any questions about the combo pack? Let us know in the comments and we’ll get you the answers you need!

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