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Worship: My Right or My Privilege?

Scenario #1

Chris, a long-time worshipdrummer on the team, is upset. He can’t believe that Jimmy, the other worshipdrummer at church, is scheduled two out of the four Sundays in the month. As a result, Chris decides to share his heart with the worship director. In doing so he demands that it’s his right to play more than Jimmy since after all, he’s a better drummer than Jimmy.

Scenario #2

Jimmy, a newer worshipdrummer on the team, is grateful. He can’t believe that he’s scheduled two out of the four Sundays in the month. As a result, Jimmy decides to share his excitement with the worship director. In doing so he humbly appreciates the opportunity to play and counts it a privilege.

Are you a Chris or a Jimmy?

I tell you the truth, I’d rather have a less-experienced drummer who counts it a privilege to play vs a seasoned drummer who thinks he has the right to play!

We need to learn to checkout our attitudes at the door and remember that ministry is never a right that we have but always a privilege that is afforded to us!

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  • Jon your a freaking mind reader! I’ve been saying this for weeks! God really challenged me about a month ago, He said Chance you don’t HAVE to play drums this weekend, you GET to play drums. Its completely flipped my thinking about music in general, God has given me the ability and the opportunity to make music. I need to think of it as a privilege to make music, and not a burden on my life.

  • Mike says:

    Good word! I’ve had the privilege of playing in church for a while now. Still can’t believe it! Me, of all people. Amazed at His goodness to make that possible in my life. My skills are limited…Heaven knows I ain’t much to look at. But how grateful I am to be counted as useful in His Kingdom! It is, indeed, a special, treasured privilege. Soli Deo Gloria!

  • Totally agree, If there were two drummers, one who plays the most incredible grooves, nails every song but has no heart or desire to see people connect with God. And another one who doesnt play very well, struggles to keep with the click but is totally on fire for God and has every desire in the world to see these people encounter God, it is so obvious you would go for the second drummer. Its all about integrity, whats your life like when no one is looking?

  • great post by the way haa 😉

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