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It’s been a long time in the making, and  as promised, I’m so excited to introduce to you today not only our newest blogger at, but a great friend, and an incredible drummer and drumming instructor. He’s humble and passionately loves Jesus and people with all of his heart and his name is Rio Nicolle.

Rio Nicolle -

Rio Nicolle doing what he loves most!

Who Is Rio Nicolle?

I first saw Rio play for Jon Bauer when he opened for a Planetshakers concert in Toronto, in 2012. In fact, he was hired a few hours before the concert started. Rio didn’t miss a beat and impressed me with his enthusiasm, his percussive versatility, and his heart of worship.

We connected via Facebook a few days later and the next thing you know, Rio invites me to jam at his house. We played, we talked, we ate, he gave me a mini drum-lesson (and the notation) for this groove, we talked some more.

That would be the first of many discussions and conversations that Rio and I shared around the topic of drums, life, the church, worship, and this blog.

Rio is a perfect fit for our blog and community because of his tremendous influence, experience, knowledge, and swag as a drummer and as an individual. He’s a great communicator, loves to network, and genuinely loves what he does.

Here is his bio and some pics so you can see for yourself:

Rio is a professional recording and touring drummer based out of Toronto, ON, Canada. From a young age Rio began performing at local and international festivals. He toured across Canada multiple times before he was even 19 years old. Rio remains in demand, touring and recording. When he’s not on the road Rio can be found dedicating his time to Elevation Church’s first international campus in the GTA. Most recently He has been hard at work launching an online business [that will be a great resource for us at Worship Drummer in the near future]. If you want to reach Rio, you can contact him via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

That’s pretty awesome!

What Rio Will Bring To

Having Rio on board with writing will bring a fresh perspective to the practical aspects of drumming. He’s got a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and I just want to “let him loose”. He’s got his own unique voice as a writer and you need to hear (and feel) that.

So how will you know who is writing what? At the bottom of ever post there is an Author Box like this:

Author Box

Check back on Friday morning to see Rio’s first post. All I can say is that he’s off to a great start and there are some goodies that he’s whipped up for all of us to enjoy!

From one drummer to another, get ready for MORE from!

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