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Successful Drumming[UPDATE:  Black Friday Extended Discount: Save $100 before midnight on Monday, December 2nd]

I was very excited to receive my copy of the Successful Drumming DVD and Workbook set from our friend Jared Falk. A friend and I went to town with all the content and to be completely honest, it took us a while to chop through this extensive set and I am pleased to share with you some thoughts on Jared’s newest offering.

First Impression: Package Design & Layout

Incredibly well put together. The use of colors and box packaging is top notch. Having everything numbered and easy to read makes understanding the development of the system clear and concise. My initial impression of the website was that there was a lot of font and it was a bit cluttered. Navigating the site wasn’t too difficult overall.

sucessful drumming

For The Visual Learner…

The visual aspect of the DVD itself and selection menu is again very clear and well put together. The studio looks great and everything looks spotless. I do feel the Drum-set in “The Foundation” DVD could have been limited to the pieces primarily being played, as the extra drums may have been a bit distracting to a new drummer. To be “picky”, a couple of times patterns were played and the karaoke bouncing ball and visual of the menu wasn’t present where it would have been helpful to have visually, even at the higher tempos.  Additionally a couple of camera shots weren’t as helpful to view what was taking place at different times (primarily in the first video of The Foundation DVD). Overall the product served its purpose very well and all the critiques are small. Very impressed.

Successful Drumming Online Content

When you order the physical product and you also get its digital version along with exclusive online content! Pretty Awesome!!!

Who Will Benefit The Most From Successful Drumming?

SD is great for any drummer but I feel it will reach amateur to intermediate players the best: players who are looking to broaden their knowledge or learn some basic concepts they may have missed out on having been self-taught or stopped practicing; sight reading, time signatures, note values, etc. Successful Drumming can be used for a beginning player, but would be best so done with a teacher to guide them as some sections can move along rather quickly and a personal teacher will touch on technique that no amount of online lesson could point out to a student who is unaware of such things. Be it the feel of their playing (placement of notes) or their grip and bad habits (posture, tenseness etc), although the DVD does a great job of touching on all of these areas. I would highly suggest this DVD set to teachers looking to have a strong resource to refer students too.

Having said that, there is a cool feature where you can submit a video of you drumming. Jared will actually review it and give you feedback.

Drumming Video Reviews

Here’s the page where you can submit your video of you drumming.


I believe Successful Drumming is a fantastic tool for drummers to hone in on areas where there is weakness in their playing. It also exposes them to a Library of great material that can be studied for a lifetime.

Job well done, Jared!

What Are You Waiting For? Buy Success Drumming NOW!

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Already using Successful Drumming? Let us know how it’s going for you!

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  • Joseph says:

    Hi, I’ve been worship drumming since 1983. I began to drum at 8 trying to copy drummers on 33’s and 45’s. My cousin who at the time had a Latin orchestra, thought it was a good idea take lessons from his drummer. I hated it because it was too rudimentary. Well, here I am today with a wagon full of shortcomings as both a drummer and person at the ripe age of 62. My desire is to improve the little skill I have to offer up my best in worship.
    I’m a left handed drummer on a right handed set, holding sticks open handed. I lead with my left hand and that’s always been an issue.
    I’ve never played the base drum with my left foot or played with the hi-hat on my right side. I have always felt limited, and incomplete, like unable to flow. It’s always been an against the grain experience. Never really feeling comfortable but awkward.
    Is there some direction you can help me on how to begin to improve?

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