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The “Suitcase” Drum Kit. Perfect for Your Next Missions Trip!

So you’re the drummer and your church/youth ministry just announced a summer missions trip to some small, remote village in Africa. They remind you that since the budget is tight, you can’t bring your whole drumkit for the worship services that you’re supposed to take part in. What to do? You build a suitcase drum kit!

Making it all Fit

As you can see, it is very compact and believe it or not, you also can get some sweet sound out of it! The best part is how it packs up nice and tight into the [bass drum] suitcase.

Practical Uses

When you start to imagine using a suitcase drum kit, you begin to see how you can use it in other scenarios too:

  • Playing a coffee house gig with a tiny stage
  • Taking a bus across town to jam with some friends in a tight basement
  • Playing in a subway/train station
  • You can even use it to record the drum track in your next studio session.

The possibilities are as big as your imagination on the uses of a suitcase drum kit.

Choosing the Perfect Suitcase

Since the suitcase is a fundamental part of the kit, choosing the right suitcase is a crucial part of the process. Check out this video for cool tips:

[tentblogger-youtube q6IY32I_nHc]

Interested? Here’s the complete step-by-step process for those who are daring enough. Let us know if you do this.It would be fun to see your pics!

(via  Musicademy)


Check out this cool road case kit

(via @StaceKershaw from orginal source: ap0)

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