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This past Monday I had the privilege of attending a drum clinic in Toronto with Teddy Campbell and want to take some time to highlight this extraordinary Christian drummer here on the blog. He held a few clinics in Ontario as he was making his way to this weekend’s Montreal Drum Fest.

(I even won this Zildjian cymbal and got him to sign it – maybe a blog giveaway in the future?!? 😉 )

Teddy Campbell

I'm thinking this cymbal would make a cool Blog Giveaway!!

For those of you who might not be familiar with his name, this might strike up some memories:

[tentblogger-youtube C4IGm9E4W9g]

Yes, Teddy played the American Idol gig for 7 years and is now currently the drummer for the newly formed “Tonight Show” band led by Rickey Minor. He’s toured with Britney Spears, Christian Aguilera, Backstreet Boys, and a slew of other big names. So it’s without hesitation that we can say that he’s a master drummer.

Besides his incredible talent behind the kit, what blew me away at the clinic was his willingness to include and not shy-away from his faith. For example, when asked about how he chooses what gigs to accept or reject, Teddy simply said, “I get away from everything – no music, no people, no distractions – and I pray to God and He speaks to me.” He makes it a matter of prayer, and asks God to show him what decisions to make. Powerful!

As a christian musician, If you want to find someone who walks the talk, it’s this man! I am inspired by people who make it big, and yet remain humble. There’s a great lesson to learn form people like him.

Here’s a compilation of video clips that I took of his clinic. Be inspired as a drummer and as a Christian!

[tentblogger-youtube Ui-2pOp2VRE]

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