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The Drumset and the Kingdom. A Dream Come True For WorshipDrummers.

Every so often I dream about a day when will grow beyond being just a blog. After all, as worshipdrummers we are real people. I have seriously longed for a day when we could gather an army of worshipdrummers under one roof and spend some meaningful time together learning, growing, and connecting with one another. Putting on such an event is far too big a feat for our humble blog but I’m incredibly grateful for what the guys over at Risen Drums are doing in this regard.

[tentblogger-youtube VdQtuTPh9no]

The Drumset and the Kingdom is a gathering of drummers happening on May 12, 2012 at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. The purpose is to better equip ourselves as Christians to use the drumset in an effective way in our churches and our communities. Guest Speakers will include Jeremy “Bwack” Bush (David Crowder Band), Nate Robinson (Lecrae), Matt Tobias (Geoff Moore, independent studio), and Steve Goold (Owl City, Go Fish).

Registration information is available at

WHEN: May 12, 10am — 5pm
WHERE: The Underground, Bethel University (The Underground venue is located in the Brushaber Commons on the west side of the campus.)
COST: $50 per person if you pre-register. This cost covers all the speakers and sessions of the day. registration on day of event is $75

This event lines up exactly with our blog’s “raison d’être”  and I hope that you will consider attending. Heck, I live in Toronto (Canada) and I’m even making arrangements with my wife to see if we can afford to send me.

One thing you can be sure of is that I’m going to make every effort to be there and blog about the whole experience. That’s my goal and I hope to make it there and even see some of you there too 🙂

Who’s getting excited? Let me know if you plan to go.

[thanks to Gabe and Dan for letting us know about this]

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