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For most of us we are in the heat of our summer months and that usually means many of us are planning to go on vacation to enjoy some rest and recreation. That’s all fine and dandy, but there are a few things you should do before you head for the beach.

Vacation Checklist for WorshipDrummers

1. Let Your Worship Leader/Director Know In Advance.

Assuming you are a regular drummer at your church (and even if you are not), it is always a good idea to let your worship leader/director know that you will be leaving. Many of your churches may even use Planning Center Online so make sure you block out those dates. You are a vital part of your team and communicating you’ll be away is crucial.

2. Bring Your Bible, Notebook, Highlighter, and a Pen.

As you go away on vacation – away from the noise, and all that is familiar – you may find that your head will be clear from all of the distractions of home, work, and church. As such, this can be a great opportunity to quiet down your busy mind and to connect with the One who created you. Maybe then, you’ll begin to hear God’s still small voice that is longing to speak to you.

Set aside some time, daily, where you will open up God’s word, read it, write about what God’s speaking to you, highlight portions that slap you in the face, and chew on it for a while.

3. Check Out A Local Church.

One of the things that I love to do with my wife when we are away on vacation is find a local church to attend. We enjoy just showing up like visitors, worshiping with God’s people and soaking it all up. We usually feel encouraged, inspired, and blessed by the experience and come home with a few ideas of what we can do to be better (or sometimes we learn what not to do 😉 ).

4. Pack Your Metronome and Drumsticks.

Carl Albrecht, a great worshipdrummer and friend of ours, has a great video of how you can practice while being on the road without a drum kit. Using the bed, a metronome and your drumsticks, you can have an intense workout to ensure you keep your chops fresh.

Most of all, have fun and be safe!

Did we miss anything? Are you going on vacation? What would you add to this checklist?  

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