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Buck August's #SundaySeat

[This is a guest post from worship drummer Buck August (Facebook) from Chico, California. This is post is part of a new  #HeartBeforeBeat category.]

What Being A Worship Drummer Means To Me

  • To love God
  • To worship with all my heart and to lead others into worship
  • To be faithful with God’s gift of drumming
  • To play with excellence

I became a Christian before I became a drummer. I love music and when I saw the team up there at church, I knew I wanted to be a part of what God was doing. It overflowed from my love for God and my desire to be a part of pushing hard into his presence.

It has been clear to me for a long time that playing on a worship team is a privilege that carries a great responsibility. The way I came up, as a worship drummer, was very gradual. First, I would go to practices and watch. Later on, they’d let me sit in on a song here and there during practice.  The worship pastor I came up under had been burned in the past when he let a guy onto the team without fully knowing him and his character. After that experience, the worship pastor took his time letting people onto the team. He was a mentor to me in music and in my walk with God. He put time and effort into my spiritual growth and discipleship as he helped me grow as a musician.

As worship musicians, we have to strive for integrity and a pure heart, day in and day out. I have seen people who look like they are genuinely worshipping when they are up front and I have seen people who look like they just want the glory for themselves. I struggle with that at times myself, due to insecurity and wanting to be liked and admired, but I know the reason I worship is for God. He has given me the gifts and I want to be faithful to give back. I do not want to find myself guilty of trying to bring the glory and attention to myself. I want to see God glorified and to be a part of leading others deeper into his presence.

As my desire is to push into God’s presence, I don’t want anything to get in the way. I fight to keep my heart right and I practice drumming because I want things to flow when I play. I remember hearing a worship leader and great musician named Don Potter say something to the effect of, the better we are as musicians, the less resistance there is to the Spirit of God flowing through us. I know what he means. When I feel like my chops are good, I don’t have to think as much about playing and can focus more on God and worshipping as I drum. I also like to practice because I feel like it’s being diligent with God’s gifts. I want to use and grow what he has given me, instead of burying my talents in the ground. There are times when I practice where I really enter into worship too. I’ll put on a song that speaks to my soul and just lay into the drums and pour my heart out to God all by myself free of the distractions that come with being up front on a Sunday morning.

I love to drum, I love to worship and I love to help lead others into God’s presence.  I drum because it is something I know God created me to do. I drum because I love it and I love that it is a practical expression of my love for Christ.

Question: How and why did you start drumming in church? Share your answers in the comments.

Thanks for sharing your heart with us Buck! And as we head into this weekend, let’s remember the WHY behind the WHAT! Let’s remember why God alone is worthy of our praises. Let’s remember that He is holy! Let’s remember that we were created, gifted, and called to do this! And what a privilege it is!

Have a blessed weekend in church!

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