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Where Does Worship Start

As many of us are serving week after week, it’s very easy to get into a groove (to be read as “rut”) where we tell ourselves “I’ve got this!” The heart challenge will always be there to remain humble and remain hungry for the presence of God. Your role as a worshipdrummer is way more than just showing up to play for worship. It actually requires you to be a worshiper off the stage more than any thing you do on the stage.

I came across this post on the Hillsong Collected blog which sums it up quite nicely:

In worship, how do you know you’re leading people to the presence of God, if you’ve never been there yourself? Your own personal devotion or your secret place is totally where worship should start.

Let’s keep our focus on exalting Jesus and making it all about him! after all, worship starts with you and God, way before you ever take your seat behind your kit!

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  • Terry Flesch says:

    Great post. The ability to play drums in worship is a God-given talent and doing so is kind of a dream realized for me. It’s an awesome privilege to be able to do this. I don’t take it lightly and approach it with much gratitude and a desire to express my love for Christ in this way. I pray each Sunday morning that I play ” Lord, please let your Spirit play through me. This is for you Lord, please allow the music to engage your people, so that they worship you in Spirit and in Truth. Fill in the gaps where I am weak. Help the entire worship team of musicians, singers and technicians to be in synch and to be guided by your Spirit. Take us out of the way if you have to. May you be pleased with the worship this morning. Amen.”

  • Mark Buie says:

    I feel exactly as @TerryFlesch does. I pray before I take the stage “Lord, work through me today. Let YOUR light shine through me. May my playing be a sweet aroma to you. May someone come to know you or know you better today”.

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