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We are happy to bring you a series of pics courtesy of worshipdrummer Josh Alltop (Instagram | Twitter). Josh is the drummer for Gateway Worship in Texas (think Kari Jobe, Ps. Robert Morris) and on 5-15-15 they recorded their latest live album, “Walls Are Comin’ Down.” Josh was very gracious and sent us some great pics all day long as they sound-checked and then kicked off the night.


Hey, my name is Josh Alltop.  I’m a drummer and producer for Gateway Church and other artists.  I reside in DFW metroplex in Texas, the greatest place on earth! Come hang with me while we capture these musical moments for our one true God!

Josh Alltop - Gateway Worship


Josh Alltop - Gateway Worship

My cymbals of choice are Heartbeat cymbals.

Here are a few pics of my Gateway Worship peeps backstage as we get ready.

Josh Alltop and Cody Carnes

My bro Cody Carnes and I have our “Ready” faces on!

Gateway Worship Crew

Can’t do what I do without my 1964 Ears!

Josh Alltop - 1964 Ears

Gear Run Down

Drums: DW Collectors series

  • 18 x 22 kick
  • 16 x16 floor Tom
  • 10 x 12 rack Tom
  • 8 x 14 Brady Snare Jarah Wood
  • 6.5 x 14 craviotto side snare

Cymbals: Heartbeat Percussion

  • 16″ classic top hihat
  • 16″ custom bottom hihat
  • 19″ epic crash
  • 21″ studio crash
  • 24″ epic ride

2 Roland SPD X drum pads

Vater 1A wood sticks

1964 Adele 12 driver in ears

Telefunken m80 snare mic

It was a great night! Here are a few pics capturing the atmosphere of worship in the house! So blessed to be a small part in the bigger picture!

Gateway Worship - Live Recording Gateway Worship - Live Recording

Thank You!

Thank you for the honor of allowing me to partner with you guys! Love what you are doing! This is Josh, signing off!

Josh Alltop - Gateway Worship

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