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December is already here and I know that many of you are very likely extremely busy with Christmas rehearsals and the like. I’ll cut straight to the chase. I got to chat with Daniel Hadaway, drummer for All Sons and Daughters, and this episode is one of my favourites so far simply because Daniel is brilliant guy. We take time to talk about 2 exciting projects that he is working on. One is his new online drumming course and the second is his new-ish podcast, Drummer Daily.

In This Episode with Daniel Hadaway

In this episode we specifically discuss 3 main things.

  • Boom Click Boot Camp and How to get Drastically Better at Playing Drums with a Click Track.
  • Daily Drummer Podcast
  • Important things to consider when buying/upgrading your kit (or your church’s)
  • Bonus 1: Daniel’s top 3 Drumming Influences
  • Bonus 2: Give one piece of advice for worship drummers. (this is fantastic advice, actually!)

Boom Click Boot Camp

I think  you’ll appreciate BCBC because it is designed to help you get drastically better at playing drums with a click track and we break down Daniel’s new online course. I’ve already gone through it and was amazed at how simple, short (20 mins a day, for 2 weeks) and helpful it really was. In fact, BCBC is what actually made me want to interview Daniel and share get this info to you. We coordinated our launch dates so that as we release this episode to you today, Daniel is publicly launching Boom Click Boot Camp as well.

Daily Drummer Podcast

Back in September Daniel launched a podcast of his own and he has become a podcasting machine, having launched over 50 episodes in a span of about 3 months. They are short episodes, about 8-10 mins each, and they are chalk-full of practical, professional drumming advice.

Buying/Upgrading Your Kit

Daniel recently got a brand new kit and we discuss some important things to consider when buying/upgrading your drum kit. In short, if you want a specific sound of drums/cymbals, [and you have the means], go and spend the money and buy it. In the long run, you might spend twice as much trying to replicate “that sound” than straight up buying what you want.

Top 3 Drumming Influences

  • J.D. Blair
  • Kathe Vance
  • Will Denton

1 Piece of Advice for Worship Drummers

If you’re struggling with something (practical or spiritual), don’t avoid struggling with it. If there’s something that is challenging you, don’t check out of it and step away from it.


[tweet_box design=”default”]Just because something is hard, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do it.[/tweet_box] [tweet_box design=”default”]Be intentional about what you’re playing, analyzing and thinking about what you are choosing to play. [/tweet_box]

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