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We Made it!

At the beginning of the year we set out to publish 12 podcast episodes in the year and here is episode 012 with none other than Hillsong Worship drummer Harrison Wood.

Some of you may remember that we actually met up in April on the Outcry Tour and did a live one-on-one interview, but I blew the opportunity as the Zoom recorder somehow never captured it! (still wondering how that happened!?!))

Nevertheless, Harri was gracious enough to give us another slot before the year ended and so we took the opportunity!

In This Episode

  • His journey at Hillsong
  • What his 9-5 looks like
  • Sustaining and dealing with injuries
  • A piece of advice for worship drummers

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Harrison Wood’s Cymbal Set Up

Cymbal Set up (starting from opposite side and towards the hi hats):

  • 22” Vintage meinl byzance crash
  • 22” meinl byzance traditional thin jazz ride
  • 20” meinl byzance extra Hand hammered traditional crash
  • 16” medium meinl byzance traditional hats

Listen to Episode 012

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