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Payden Hilliard – Leeland

The first time I met Payden Hilliard in person was in February. We were both at the Ryman in Nashville to celebrate The Belonging & Co’s third birthday. We had already previously talked about recording an episode together, but that night I asked him what he’s most passionate about and without batting an eyelash he answered, “Finding and knowing your identity!”

We tackle the topic in this episode by walking you through Payden’s personal journey to Nashville, which was riddled with ups and downs. Listen to how he discovered and defines his true identity, and observe how it is not even tied to what he actually does as a drummer.


[tweet_box design=”default”]Learning when to play and when not to play has been a big game-changer for me.[/tweet_box]

In this Episode

  • Nashville and its church history
  • What God is doing at The Belonging & Co.
  • Payden’s upbringing and how a mission trip changed his family
  • Journey to Mexico
  • Meeting a 16 year old worship leader
  • Journey to Nashville
  • How you separate who you are from what you do!
  • Advice for those who are frustrated with life’s current situation
  • Having a voice with something to say
  • Some practical drumming advice

Listen to Episode 014

Links to things mentioned in this episode:


I’m scrubbing toilets right now, but You see me, and You love me!

“If I were here to scrub these toilets for the rest of my life, and that’s all I did, I could live in this moment and say thank You God that You love me and sent Your Son for me!”

Jesus came to die for you, and if He never did another thing for you, that is enough! Everything else is out of the goodness of His heart.

Find your peace with God and thank Him no matter what season you’re in

There are seasons in life, and it’s cool to know that it’s going to eventually change!

If you’re having alone time with God, He will download a lot of wisdom to you.

Learning when to play and when not to play has been a big game-changer for me.


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