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Steve Goold

When I first set out to start the Worship Drummer Podcast back in the beginning of 2016, I sat down one night and began to write down every possible name that I could possibly want to interview. Steve was one of those names at the top, but It took 15 episodes for me to build the courage to ask. Well, Steve was all in, and I am so excited to bring you the fantastic conversation I had with Steve Goold. This epsiode is packed with valuable insight from a drummer that many of us have admired from afar, for a long time!

In this Episode:

Listen to Episode 016

3 Gear Run Downs 


  • 14” kick, 10” Rack, 12” floor tom
  • 22” Paiste Traditional Light Ride
  • 22” Paiste Traditional Extra Light Ride
  • 14” Paiste Traditional Hats
  • 14×5 — Ludwig acrolyte snare Kentville kanagaroo skins
  • Vic firth — sd2 Bollero (maple)


  • 13” 16” FT 24” kick
  • 22"Paiste Traditional Light Ride
  • 20” Paiste Trad
  • 16” crash as hi hats
  • 6.5×14” black polish brass snare drum with die cast hoops. Risen Drums — Mahogany
  • Remo CS reverse black dot.


  • Paiste Masters Dark series
  • 22” ride
  • 20” ride
  • 16” crash as hi-hats
  • Vic Firth extreme 5A




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