Episode 022 – Jen Ledger (Skillet) on How She Went From Playing in Front of 200 to 15,000, Advice for Young Drummers, and How it feels to Front Your Own Band.

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Episode 022 – Jen Ledger

In 2015 I sat backstage and had my first opportunity to watch Jen Ledger (Skillet) play! She played with instensity, precision, and power and I was never the same again! In episode 022, Jen unpacks her journey to becoming Skillet’s drummer at the age of 18, and get ready because this episode is full of wisdom!

Get your note-taking device of choice ready as we get into it here!

In this Episode

  1. Playing – from 200 to 15,000
  2. Advice for young drummers
  3. LEDGER – Jen’s Solo Project
  4. Struggling with Anxiety and Panic/Fear (Song: Not Dead Yet)
  5. Keeping your drumming from plateauing, and staying fresh?
  6. Being the Drummer vs the lead singer
  7. On keeping the heart before beat




“It felt so clear to me that this has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Him lining things up.”

“If you’re faithful with the little/mundane, God can open and trust you with a lot.”

“So many place their identity in drumming, music, and songwriting. We often mix up the calling of God with our own dreams and desires. But a healthy reminder is that those who lose their lives, find their lives.”

“I’m trying to be someone that has too much faith, rather than too little.”

“How do you do two bands at once? I don’t know, but God does!”

GET OUR FREE ONLINE TRAINING: Using the Roland SPD-SX in Worship