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Episode 023 – Rolf Wam Fjell (Hillsong)

Every wonder what prophetic drumming actually means? Or how “following the leading of the Spirit” applies to us as drummers? This episode with Rolf Wam Fjell is like a master class on the spiritual side of what it means to be a worship drummer.

This episode is pure gold and I encourage you to actually get a notebook out as you listen – it’s that good!

In this Episode

  1. Journey to Hillsong
  2. Prophetic Dimensions in Worship Drumming
  3. Scripture Verses For Worship Drummers – Psalm 34:5 // Isaiah 41:15-16 // Isaiah 30:32 MSG
  4. Daily and “Game Day” Routine
  5. TED Talk – How To Practice Effectively (see video below)
  6. Team Night at Hillsong
  7. Receiving a Custom Snare
  8. Exploring The Yamaha EAD10
  9. Word of Wisdom for Worship Drummers

Watch more from Rolf from his WD Insta takeover on WD’s  WD’s IGTV.

LISTEN – Episode 023

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I have a million reasons why I’m not qualified to do this, and one reason why I am – Jesus!

My ambition and my heart’s desire is to bring the best to the King of kings

A little practice every day is better than 10 hours on Friday


Pics and Vids


Photo credits for cover image and following photos: Jared Hampton Thomson


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