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Episode 024 – Jonathan Camey

In Episode 024 we chat with Jonathan Camey, who currently is on staff at Lakewood Church as their main drummer. He’s also got a twin brother in the band, Joel, and things get serious in this episode as we explore themes of tragedy and triumph. It’s a good one, so grab a cup of coffee or put on your seatbelt (if you’re commuting) and get ready for a good one!

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Time Stamps

2:45 — Home Life and Upbringing

8:00 — A Prophetic Word

10:45 — Playing at Lakewood

12:05 — Dealing with Unexpected Tragedy

14:50 — How things work at Lakewood and the challenge of having an arena as a church venue.

18:46 — Maintaining Optimal Health

23:20 — The Pressure of playing at Lakewood

25:05 — Ableton and Editing Stems

28:06 — How To Approach Playing with a Percussionist (Javier Solis)

30:41 — Simplest way to eliminate mic bleed around your kit and other tips for the studio

35:48 — One thing Jon is working through at the moment

40:18 — How do you stay fresh spiritually?

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